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Goddess in BLUE 4 colour reduction_edite

Lino: Elaine uses a reduction lino printing process to create limited edition prints

Etching: Lines and textures are incised into a Copper Plate using traditional Etching techniques. These are limited edition prints on high quality paper 


Drypoint -Elaine Creates raised lines and marks into aluminium, zinc and Tetrapac plates to create her limited edition  Drypoint prints

Monoprinting - Elaine uses this method to create unique one-off prints, in richly coloured inks on a variety of hand-made papers.

Elaine creates individual images recording an environment through natural objects and  using the Wet Cyanotype process

Elaine uses a variety of old and hand made analogue cameras to capture and develop images on film which she hand prints onto vintage paper

Elaine creates atmospheric records of locations using Photogram and Chemigram techniques onto vintage light sensitive paper

Elaine uses printmaking to express her creativity with a focus on Portraiture, Gender and Identity .  Printmaking is a way of creating repeats, by hand. This handmade method means there will be variations in each print which is natural and part of what makes them  works of Art. They are also made in limited or varied editions which makes them more valuable and rare. The number of prints possible depends on the method.  

Elaine uses different methods to create her unique prints: Etching, Drypoint, Lino, Monoprinting, Screen-printing and Gelli-Plates. she also creates limited edition pieces using Alternative Photography techniques including cyanotypes and Photograms. Click on the images to explore Elaine's work further​ 

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