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LINO-PRINT PORTRAITS.   I use a reduction lino printing process where I start with ONE block and gradually reduce the surface after each colour to make a multi-colour print. This destroys the plate,  so no further prints can ever be created: they are Limited Editions.  

Prices include Postage in a rigid cardboard envelope and tissue paper. Mounted prints are presented in a mountboard window

Monotype techniques: hand drawn Monotypes, created using Caligo Safewash Ink, Oil-bars and Japanese drawing ink. There is only one of each available.

Price includes postage in a rigid cardboard envelope

Mixed-media and experimental techniques: Combining Lino prints, Collagraphs, Monoprints and Gelli-plate  to create final prints. These may be unique or limited edition; they are created small to suit a limited budget and are for sale at Elaine's markets: next sale is at the Norwich Queerfest Art Market on June 15th.  the first and second Monoprints are currently for sale at Norwich Art Shop

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