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CELEBRATING THE GODDESS IN US ALL. Hand made bowls and plates.  Sgraffito is a slow and time consuming process. Elaine paints Black slip  over a white stoneware clay. She draws from life and portrait sketches, using a variety of adapted tools,  through the layer of black slip to the clay below. A variety of soft and hard marks build the image to create a striking, detailed textured celebration of women. The final art pieces are treasures to enjoy or use; fully glazed and sealed they can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth or hand-washed in a mild detergent. They are strong enough to display on a wall or to use and enjoy for years to come . They are all food-safe. There is an extra  £10 charge towards the postage cost of any pieces that need to be sent, first class and tracked.   

 COMMISSIONS are taken please contact elaine to discuss what you would like to commission and the process.

A selection  of Elaine's Sgraffito ware is always for sale at NORWICH ART SHOP  

I enjoy my own versions of the traditional Dolls heads. Starting with slip casts from reclaimed vintage plaster these small sculptures are created in porcelain and stoneware I adapt proportions, add harms, ears, flowers and texture to make each unique. They all have own personalities, influenced by people I see and draw, as well as environments and textures. They are made to hang on the wall and have a suitable small aperture at the back to do so. The larger dolls and cherubs are £40 each. The Cherubs are shelves and should be attached to the wall using the apertures at the back. Small heads are £20. tracked, first class POSTAGE COSTS £5-10 EXTRA depending on size and weight. THEY SELL SUPER FAST, ONLY A FEW REMAIN BUT MORE ARE ON THEIR WAY SOON.  You can see those who have moved to new homes on my SOLD GALLERY tab. I also take commissions for the heads

Slip-cast, hand detailed and hand built ceramics with a Gothic style
A selection of these pieces are always for sale at The Norwich Art Shop, for a limited  time at the Norwich Art Mart (march) and at the NightFair Market Events 

These pieces celebrate the macabre and dramatic. Add them to a cabinet of curiosities OR celebrate them as a piece of sculpture. Inspired by Elaine's interests in Goddess, Pagan and global ritual, the idea of using beautiful, special receptacles. and influenced by the strength and beauty of Canopic jars Each of Elaine's Lidded Jars has its own personality. The cauldrons and a Gothic version of a tea-bowl, can be used as a drinking vessel, or to keep trinkets or candles in. Please handwash to keep their quality

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