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"This Sculptural Series was on display at the Raveningham Sculpture Trail through the summer created in response to the theme 'Amplify the Positive'.  This series represent the ephemeral nature of memory; how we root memories in tactile and visual experiences, in our primary senses and storytelling. Each piece represents a person or place  in my life, a hope, a memory, a story or a belief. All work is now sold  thank you everyone who bought work, supporting me as an artist and my ability to continue to practise and create"

I enjoy creating narrative Sgraffito bowls and plates. Each is created from a combination of observational drawings, stories shared with me and Mythos. Each is different, some are commissions

Goddess & Animal trinket ceramic bowls. 8-13 cms across. UNSOLD BOWLS are available from my section at NORWICH ART SHOP. Each piece is hand decorated using Coloured Slips, Underglaze, Sgraffito,  glazes to provide a colourful and textured celebration of life. Some have a touch of ceramic specialist enamels baked on in a further process. These little bowls are treasures to enjoy or use; fully glazed and sealed they be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth and mild detergent..