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."Each Cyanotype is unique. I gather flowers and seeds from local environments to create each piece, they are a record of a moment in time at a location. I enjoy the the unpredictability of the process. The Goddesses are created using my hand drawn original stencils as a resist to the sunlight. Each piece is unique, natural and cannot be recreated. They and developed onto Heavy cotton, handmade or watercolour paper". 

They are available at Elaine's markets and exhibitions. Elaine creates them in warmer months.  EACH PRINT IS UNIQUE. These are examples of previous work now all sold.

Elaine's cyanotpres are always available at markets and from the Norwich Art Shop

Please contact her to purchase online.

this photograph shows how my work space is set u to create a Cyanotype

Elaine is a skilled Photographer and likes Alternative Photography processes like Cyanotypes: she uses the Wet Cyanotype process; combining Flowers, spices, salt, sunlight and time to create her beautiful Cyanotypes .

" the chemical is applied directly to the paper in in the daylight and natural things like leaves and seeds, plus natural colourants ( like chilli powder, coffee)laid on top, under  a sheet of glass.  before leaving it in the sun for hours. I love the experimental approach,  the power of the sunlight and natural elements creates a range and variety of marks that is really painterly. After it has been exposed long enough the print is soaked in water to oxidise and clear remaining chemicals.  Hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and lemon juice  enhance the contrast in the blue; it's pure magic!  


NEXT - I will be adding cyanotype processes to my ceramics work and experimenting with Lumenography (combining Cyanotypes with light sensitive vintage photographic paper.

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