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I love the variety and range of the environments that I can access. The contrast between derelict spaces with the decaying layers of texture, colours and light, and the balance of nature trying to regain the space.  The fabulous variations within Nature, contrasts between localities and countries.  I sketch and paint to record the locality and take it home with me. I forage and gather leaves, flowers and seeds from the ground,  rubbish and textured from where I go, sometimes i take clay to sites to collect pressings and impressions. Each Ceramic piece records a memory or feeling at a place, 

current work for sale. Each vessel is created in Stoneware with individually mono-printed, painted and stencilled underglazes, oxides and glazes .  Beakers are porcelain or stoneware. All have fully glazed interiors and are watertight

Handmade Environment bowls.  Each piece is handmade in stoneware using Underglazes, Oxides and Slips, inspired by sketches, foraging and notes taken on location. They represent a memory of a place and each is unique. Hunstanton and Cromer Beach are currently on sale at the Ferini Gallery in Pakefield, Suffolk

My Environment pieces are glazed inside and can be used for dried or fresh Flower arrangements, as planters, for storage (for brushes, utensils, tools or just to enjoy. The glaze inside is chosen to compliment the outside. They look great in groups. Each side is different  

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